Chris Buckner

Special guest

Chris Buckner - CEO / Co-Founder

Running esports tournaments is deceptively complex. Our white-label esports tournament software and our daredevil production and broadcast team make the process seamless, straightforward, and — dare we say it — fun. Tournament management. Student authentication. Sponsorship-ready. Legal compliance. True white-label. Myriad formats. Leagues. Leagues of leagues. Our technology and production team have you covered. Oh, did we mention remote broadcast? Yeah, we do that too.

Our goals are lofty, and in order to achieve our mission of "making it easy to unlock the value of esports for everyone", we put crazy emphasis on our five core values. We...

  1. Do it together
  2. Love what we do
  3. Give a damn
  4. Improve continuously
  5. Strive for "WOW"

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